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Frequently Asked Questions
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Q I subscribe to the mailing list. Am I considered a member?


 As a mailing list subscriber, you must sign up on our website, which then gives you access to some of our content – such as blog posts, forums and the online directory.  However, without a paid membership, you will need to pay to participate in meetings and webinars that members may attend for free.  

Q I subscribe to the mailing list. Does my subscription expire?


 As long as you don’t opt out of our mailings, you will continue to receive notices and communication from the Alliance.  However, your login to the website does expire on December 31 each year.  Before you can log in to register for an event or participate in the online community, you will be asked to renew your membership.  At that time you can choose to join the Alliance as a paid member or renew as a “Friend of the Alliance” to continue your access without the full benefits of membership.

Q I paid my dues in the middle of the year last year.  When do they expire?


 Members are encouraged to pay dues by January 31 each year. After that, dues payments are prorated based on the date of renewal. All memberships expire on December 31 each year.  If dues are not renewed by January 31, membership benefits will be suspended until renewal.  

Q I purchased an organizational membership.  How do I add my co-workers to my account?


 If your coworkers already have accounts on our website, you can send them a link to connect to your primary account to receive the full benefits of your organizational membership.  To get the link, log in to your account and click on the EMPLOYEES icon under INFORMATION & SETTINGS on your profile page.  Or you can automatically connect employees who have an account on our site by clicking on the “Activate All Available Seats” option.


Q After I signed up, I noticed that some of my information is displaying incorrectly? Why and how can I fix it?


We have noticed that members who use the automatic completion options on Chrome or other browsers often end up with wrong information in some of the fields. One of the most common is your last name repeating in the "suffix" field. You can log into your account, delete or change the incorrect information, and update anything else that doesn't seem to be displaying correctly. 


Q Who can I call if I have more questions? 


Please contact the Alliance Office between 10 am and 2 pm Eastern time at 1-800-397- 2034, ext. 703 or email anytime at