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Research acts a tool to propel our learning and inspire changes in how we approach our work.

We believe in the connectedness of our efforts in the social sector, and in the importance of thoughtfully undertaking scholarly and practitioner research in our field.

Through our Affinity Groups, Alliance members proudly collaborate to initiate research and author publications that advance nonprofit capacity building. Below are a few of our more recent publications, made publicly available for the benefit of all who support social change.

Voices of Nonprofit Board Chairs

A National Study on the Perspectives of Nonprofit Board Chairs: How they prepare for and perceive their role in relation to the board, community and chief executive officer.

Voices of Nonprofit Board Chairs (download) reflects the voices of 635 nonprofit board chairs across the United States. The study was conducted by the Alliance’s Governance Affinity Group and is intended as a first step in hearing directly from board chairs about their experiences and perceptions, acknowledging the importance of the leadership role of board chairs and the significant dearth of research in this area.

As one of the few studies on board chairs, this study sought to answer two research questions: How do individuals prepare for their role as chair of a nonprofit board? and, what do board chairs perceive their leadership roles to be in relationship to the board, the community, and the CEO?

Guide for Nonprofits Integrating Community Engagement (NICE Guide)

NICE GuideTake your community engagement practice to the next level. A joint project of the Alliance and the Building Movement Project, the NICE Guide offers information, tools, case studies and other resources to support capacity builders as they guide nonprofit groups in developing core competencies on constituent and community engagement.

The NICE Guide is designed for organizational development experts, management support organizations, and internal and external consultants to facilitate efforts to integrate the voice of community members and constituents into the daily practice of nonprofit organizations.


Defining a Field of Practice: Guiding Principles for Executive Transition and Leadership Continuity Practice

ELTC StandardsAn executive transition is a critical time of opportunity and risk for all organizations. A well-managed transition can offer leaders and staff a unique opportunity to advance the power of their organization to achieve mission impact.

Developed by the Alliance’s Executive Transition and Leadership Continuity (ELTC) Affinity Group, this paper is intended to define the field of practice and offer some beginning principles and core competencies thought to be important to the work. Standards of practice will emerge over time as the principles become ingrained and tested throughout the nonprofit sector. > Download a PDF


Executive Transition Consultants Directory

Executive Transition Consultants DirectoryFind expert consultants who can help with a range of leadership transition needs — from leadership development and succession planning to interim executive leadership and executive search.

If you are a board member or current executive looking to ensure the sustainability of your organization, this is your resource! The consultants listed in this directory are experts in human resources, organizational development, and other capacity building supports that will help secure your organization’s future during executive transitions and beyond. > Download the PDF directory.